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4th May 2022 - Updated information about John Lampfert/Jacob Levi


8th October 2021 - Updated the list of books - reference material


6th October 2021 - New Charles Hougham tongs, Thomas Taylor tongs, Edward Sawyer tongs, Thomas Wallis II tongs and James Cornfute tongs courtesy of Steve Palmer


5th October 2021 - New maker John Townsend - Bath, courtesy of Michael Baggott


29th August 2020 - New maker John Younge & Co - Sheffield, courtesy of Bob Gutsell


12th August 2020 - New James Crawford tongs, courtesy of Bob Gutsell


16th July 2020 - New Philip Batchelor tongs, courtesy of Bob Gutsell


3rd April 2020 - New maker, courtesy of MB - Kansas - Richard Redrick - London


I see many occasions when people mis-state the date of London made sugar tongs.  I have therefore compiled a complete list of the London hallmarks seen on sugar tongs from c1780 to 1820.  Go to the London Assay Office page to see the list which can be downloaded.

I have often been asked "How do you display your sugar tongs?". I have now seen a custom made cabinet, made just for sugar tongs. It is a really superb piece of work and displays the tongs to perfection. Click the picture to see it enlarged.

The maker of this cabinet is Steve Phillips of Chadwick End Cabinets Ltd

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This website is dedicated to silver sugar tongs mainly covering the approximate period from 1760 to 1820 but also beyond into the early Victorian era. Only sugar tongs that were made in the UK and Ireland are featured here although there were many other countries making sugar tongs during this period. For navigation around the site, please use the buttons at the top of every page.

There are now many collectors of sugar tongs, worldwide. We attempt on this web-site to show examples of as many different types, dates and makers as we can. We also do our best to keep the web-site updated with new finds. A much more comprehensive view on these sugar tongs can be obtained through the book which is available via this web-site. This will give you a complete reference, easy to hand.

I am always happy to help if you have questions about sugar tongs.  Feel free to email me here.

This web-site is intended to be FOR YOU the site visitors. I am always happy to consider new features that you may like to see. If there is anything you would like to see added to the web-site, or changes made, please feel free to email me. I cannot guarantee I can do it but I will always consider it.

See Collectors Corner for more information about collecting antique silver.

One request I have had is to offer some sugar tongs for sale - is this something you would like to see?

you can email me here

You can obtain a signed copy of the only available book about Georgian silver sugar tongs - click the picture

Order now and receive a free additional insert of 65 new maker's marks found on tongs since the book was first published.

A recent comment:

Thank you very much for your excellent book on Georgian Silver Sugar Tongs which was very well packed and arrived today. I have found it very informative and much more comprehensive than I could have expected. It is a credit to you and I am considering buying another copy since this copy will be much referred to and will therefore soon become well thumbed"

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